Lancelot Davenport was born about 1594.  He arrived in Virginia on the Ship "Duty" in 1621 as clerk to Edward Blaney, factor for the Virginia Company.  Whether he returned to England with Blaney in 1625 when the Virginia Company's charter was revoked is unknown, but he was in Virginia in 1638 when he was granted 50 acres for his "Personal Adventure."  Lancelot and other Davenports in the area are known as the James River Davenports.  Whether Lancelot married or had children is not known.    

The James River Davenports match two individuals that trace to George Davenport of the late 1700’s in Burland, Cheshire, England.



Listed below are some of websites dedicated to the James River Davenports.  Each represents the complete line or information about its progenitor. If you know of additional websites that might fit this same criteria - please contact the administrator at info "at"

A good place to expand your research is the Davenport Archives website. It contains hundreds of Davenport related documents, photos, trees and includes lists of researchers and their interests.


James River Branches

The following are the known male branches of the James River line. For our purposes a branch would begin with the sons of the 1st generation. If there was only one son then we would start with the sons in the 2nd generation and so on. We would like to test at lease one individual from each branch. The red highlighted entries are branches for which we have test participants. Of course we will accept any Davenport participants but especially need the non-highlighted branches. 

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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation Notes Kit #


 Y-DNA Test Results


The James River descendents belong to Haplogroup R-U152
Click here to download an Excel file of these Y-DNA results

These are the Y-DNA results to-date of the participants descended from the James River Davenports. The different row colors represent the separate branches of the line.  Click on the Kit # to view more information about the individual Davenport linage.  Newer results have a purple block to the left of the kit number. The Modal haplotype is what we believe the Y-DNA of the James River Davenports looked like based on current results.  Red and blue cells show where an individual varies from the modal. Red indicates movement upward, while blue downward. Combined pink cells represent "connected" markers where the actual difference is counted as one.


The following people are participating in the Davenport Surname DNA Project.  You may view more detail for some by clicking on the link in the Ancestor column.   To email the participant, use the kit # followed by @ and then 

Kit #


Current Residence

Earliest Known Ancestor plus more

10726 William Daniel Davenport Nevada

Samuel William Davenport (1793-?) > Charles Wesley  (1834 Carroll Cty, Tennessee - 1910) > Joseph Albert (1866-1942) > William (1914-1984).  

101618 Urban Davenport Florida Samuel William Davenport (1793-?) > Charles Wesley (1834-1910) > William (1860-1948) > Ben (1894-1977).
 130561 Richard Davenport Maryland William Davenport (1752 - 1826 Mt Holly, North Carolina) > Anderson Wesley (1805-1886) > Richard Kelly (1859-1923) > Richard Kelly (1896-1978) > Richard Kelly (1930-1978.
484092 Bryce E Devenport Washington John Daveport (1748 Yancy, North Carolina - 1851) > Jacob (Joel) Q Devenport (1820 Cape Girardeau, Missouri - 1848) > James Wooster (1846 Oak Ridge, Missouri - 1928) > Joseph (1885 Missouri - 1968) > Millard James (1910-1973)

Jim Davenport


George Davenport (1680-1739) > George (1722-1773) > Samuel (1747-1798) > Samuel William (1793-1870) > Samuel Sidney (1842-1876) > 
201376 Allen M Davenport North Carolina George Davenport > William Ray > Anderson Wesley > Richard Kelly
183031 Keith Davenport England George Davenport of Burland, Cheshire, England > Joseph (b. 1799 Burland) > John (b. 1821 Faddiley, Cheshire) > Charles (b. 1856 Spurstow, Cheshire) > Arthur (b. 1882)

Ian Davenport

England George Davenport of Burland, Cheshire, England > Joseph (b. 1799 Burland) > John (b. 1821 Faddiley, Cheshire) > Charles (b. 1856 Spurstow, Cheshire) > Arthur (b. 1882). He is the cousin of # 183031.



 Other Surnames