Captain Richard Davenport born about 1606 in Weymouth, England. Arrived in New England aboard the ship Abigail in 1628 with Governor John Endicott. Admitted a freeman in 1634 and moved to Boston in 1642. He married Elizabeth Hathorne and had nine children -Truecross, Experience,  Nathaniel, John, Eleazer, Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, and William. Richard was was commander of the fort at Castle Island in Boston Harbor in 1665 when he was struck by lightning and killed. Most of his descendants lived in Massachusetts and the general New England area.

The Captain Richard Line is one of four Davenport lines that have been determined, by Y-DNA testing, to descend from the ancient Davenport line of Cheshire, England.


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A good place to start any Davenport research is Nevada Jack's Davenport Directory and Davenport site. It contains lists of hundreds of Davenport researchers and their interests.


Captain Richard Branches

Relationship Tree - How the participants are related.

The following are the known male branches of the Captain Richard line. For our purposes a branch would begin with the sons of the 1st generation. If there was only one son then we would start with the sons in the 2nd generation and so on. We would like to test at lease one individual from each branch. The red highlighted entries are branches for which we do not have test participants. Of course we will accept any Davenport participants but especially need the non-highlighted branches.

If there are additional branches not listed or other changes need to be made - contact info "at"

1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation Notes Kit #
Capt Richard 1606-1665 Nathaniel ~1639-        
Capt Richard 1606-1665 John 1641-1715 Richard 1670-      96117
Capt Richard 1606-1665 Eleazer ~1645-        
Capt Richard 1606-1665 Samuel 1649-        
Capt Richard 1606-1665 William 1656-


 Y-DNA Test Results


The descendents of Captain Richard Davenport  belong to Haplogroup R-S1480
Click here to download an Excel file of these Y-DNA results

- Note: The Y-DNA of the Captain Richard Davenport line is very similar to three other American lines and those of English origin. This means that these groups are all related somehow.  To see how the Capt. Richard Y-DNA compares to the others, you can visit the English page here: Davenports of Direct English Descent

These are the Y-DNA results to-date of the participants descended from Captain Richard Davenport. The different row colors represent the separate branches of the line.  Click on the Kit # to view more information about the individual Davenport linage.  Newer results have a purple block to the left of the kit number. The Modal haplotype is what we believe the Y-DNA of Capt. Richard looked like based on current results.  Red and blue cells show where an individual varies from the modal. Red indicates movement upward, while blue downward. Combined pink cells represent "connected" markers where the actual difference is counted as one.


The following people are participating in the Davenport Surname DNA Project.  You may view more detail for some by clicking on the link in the Ancestor column.   To email the participant, use the kit # followed by @ and then 

Kit #


Current Residence

Earliest Known Ancestor plus more

96117 Michael Davenport Oregon

Capt. Richard Davenport (abt 1606 England-1665 Massachusetts) > John > Richard > Eleazer > Richard > Comfort (abt 1786-1834)

23623 Lawrence Davenport Wisconsin Benoni Davenport (1799 Connecticut - 1887 Crawford County, Wisconsin) > Philip > Arthur > Charles (1895-1974)

G Davenport


Benoni Davenport (1799 Connecticut - 1887 Crawford County, Wisconsin) > Nelson > Charles (1873 Soldier's Grove, Wisconsin - 1947 DeSoto, Wisconsin)



 Other Surnames