Occasionally, in the Davenport Surname DNA Project, we find a Davenport who's Y-DNA does not match any other Davenport tested so far. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The simplest is that DNA testing is still in its infancy and we certainly haven't tested all of the Davenport lines that exist. There could also have been a Paternity Event - where somewhere up the line, the father was not who we expected it to be. But, it is quite possible that has the number of participants grows, some of this group will move out and join newly discovered Davenport lines.


Listed below are some of websites dedicated to researching Miscelleous Davenports in this group.  Each represents the complete line or information about its progenitor. If you know of additional websites that might fit this same criteria - please contact the administrator at info "at" davenportdna.com

A good place to expand your research is the Davenport Archives website. It contains hundreds of Davenport related documents, photos, trees and includes lists of researchers and their interests.




 Y-DNA Test Results

These are the Y-DNA results to-date of the Miscellaneous participants. Unlike the known lines, the mutations are not highlighted. We simply don't if there is a mutation or not. In some cases where there are two or more individuals with very similar Y-DNA, they will be grouped together.


The following people are participating in the Davenport Surname DNA Project.  You may view more detail for some by clicking on the link in the Ancestor column.    To email the participant, use the kit # followed by @ and then davenportdna.com. 

Kit #


Current Residence

Earliest Known Ancestor plus more

  Haplogroup R-M269    
225859 Steven M Davenport Washington
110804 Charles Powell Venable North Carolina
25725 David Jerome Davenport Texas Augustus C. Davenport (1815 - aft 1870) of New York, Texas, etc... > David > Wilson (1879-1954)
N34998 Robert Douglas Danforth Minnesota
166661 Craig Thomas Davenport California  
39759 Joesph Robert Davenport Texas
7555 David Wesley Dennis North Carolina  
81037 Michael Wayne Dennis Washington  
315832 Nathan Allen Davenport North Dakota
90949 Herman Reedy Davenport Florida  
313194 Harvey J Davenport England  
N55746 James Everett Davenport Michigan 
151641 Cliff Davenport Georgia   Davis Davenport (b. abt 1660) > Martin (1682 Virginia - 1735) > John > Jack Smith > John Smith > Charles > John > Hampton (1864 Troup County, Georgia - 1926) > Charles (1911 Harris County, Georgia - 1996).  It was believed that John Smith may have fathered Charles via one of his female slaves. The Y-DNA test doesn't confirm this.
  Haplogroup E-L117

104249 Dale Francis Brazil


  Haplogroup G-M201 G-m01 
159660 David W Davis Texas

Richard Davis 1660 Virginia

188275 Paul Davenport Netherlands
  Haplogroup I-M253


9146 Duane Leland Davenport Wyoming Jonas? > Elisha > John > John > Joshua > John.
242382 Luther Davenport Kentucky Jonas (16xx-1737 Pennsylvania) > William (172?-1767) > William > William > Allen > William > Edward Eligha (1869-194?) > Doran (1889-1969). The branch from William, father of Allen, on down lived in Mercer County, Kentucky.
170291 Davenport   XXXXXXXX
223368 Donald Frank Davenport Louisianna
17198 Michael J Davenport Texas  Believed he was a Humphrey
  Haplogroup J-172
74561 David Anthony Davenport North Carolina
263722 Colin Roy Davenport England