The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) is a branch of the military with the mission "to achieve the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing as a result of the nation's past conflicts." Part of which is identifying remains of individuals who have died in those conflicts.

One of the primary methods of identification is through the use of mtDNA. If they can extract mtDNA from the remains, the next step is to compare it to family members to confirm an identification. This type of DNA is only passed down from the mother to her kids. Males have it but don't pass it on.

JPAC, on their website, currently includes three Davenports (below) on their Missing in Action list. They are trying to locate relatives to confirm identities. This doesn't necessarily mean they have found Davenport remains - it means that if they did find them, they would already have a DNA sample from a relative that they could compare too. James W Davenport (in bold) is on JPAC's "urgent" list. This means the case is active and a possible identification is possible if a DNA comparison can be made. 

The Davenport Surname DNA Project is in an ideal situation where we can help find the relatives of these men, get DNA samples, and hopefully assist in returning these soldiers home. If you know any of these three Davenports, and especially if you are related - please contact the Davenport DNA Project administrator or JPAC. For more information - their website is

Note: Since mtDNA runs in the maternal line, only certain individuals can "donate" their DNA. Using James as an example - if he had a sister, she would share the same mtDNA. Testing her sons or daughters would be OK. As would her daughter's kids. However, if James had kids, they would not do since they would have his wife's mtDNA.


Conflict Service No. Name (Last, First MI) Birth Date Unit Home State
Korea RA26354576 Davenport, Henry N 15 Jul 1931 1ST Cavalry Division, 61ST Field Artillery Battalion (105MM), Headquarters Battery Illinois
Korea O-503413 Davenport, Howard M Jr 19 Aug 1926 NONE, VF 54 SQDN Fighter New Jersey
World War II 069 484 02 Davenport, Bernard A   Army - 478 AMPHIBIOUS TRUCK COMPANY Illinois
World War II 023 848 61 Davenport, Donald J   Navy - DORADO New York
World War II 391 660 47  Davenport, Donald S   AF - HEADQUARTERS SQUADRON 13 AIR DEPOT GROUP California
World War II 069 484 02 Davenport, Ernest J   Army - MEDICAL DEPARTMENT North Carolina
World War II 072 476 05 Davenport, George T   Navy - SKILL; UNITED STATES NAVY RESERVE Illinois
World War II 353 473 91 Davenport, Glenn W   Army - 120 INFANTRY 30 DIVISION Ohio
World War II 062 967 61 Davenport, Hirschel R   Army - ARISAN MARU; QUARTERMASTER CORPS Arkansas
World War II 384 679 00 Davenport, James C   AF - AIR CORPS Oklahoma
World War II 027 441 06 Davenport, James W Jr   Navy - USS OKLAHOMA Mississippi
World War II 065 626 19 Davenport, John L   Navy - USS LISCOME BAY CVE 56; UNITED STATES NAVY RESERVE North Carolina
World War II 040 597 31 Davenport, Joseph M   Navy - ATIK; UNITED STATES NAVY RESERVE Virginia
World War II 341 418 59 Davenport, Raymond M   Army - 454 ORDNANCE COMPANY (AVIATION) Tennessee
World War II 068 013 37 Davenport, Robert E   Navy - USS MEREDITH; UNITED STATES NAVY RESERVE Arizona
World War II 370 532 54 Davenport, Rubin H   Army - ARISAN MARU; 200 COAST ARTILLERY REGIMENT Missouri
World War II 354 566 98 Davenport, William G   Army - 17 TANK BATTALION 7 ARMORED DIVISION Tennessee
World War II 171 227 71 Davenport, W T  Jr   AF - 62 BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON 39 BOMBARDMENT GROUP (VERY HEAVY) Iowa
World War II O-765938 Davenport, William E   AF - 71 BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON 38 BOMBARDMENT GROUP (MEDIUM) Oregon