On occasion a Davenport would like to participate in the DNA Project but lacks the necessary funds to do so. Other times we may find a willing DNA donor in a branch that has yet to be tested but he is not interested in genealogy or paying for the test.

Since the project is open to all Davenport males - we hate to miss any opportunity. You never know what the next result will bring.  In the past we have asked for donations. But now,  in order to reduce the number of "pleas" for assistance we have set up an easier method to make a donation. It is ongoing and always available. With the help of our testing company we have established the Davenport DNA General Fund.

When you click on the link below - you will be transferred to a contribution form at FTDNA. You will have the option of making a payment by mail, credit card, or PayPal. All are fairly simple processes.  Make sure you enter "Davenport" in the Surname Project box.

If you wish to contribute to a specific Davenport line - please inform the project administrator at "donations @ DavenportDNA.com". If there is no preference then it will be used for one of the future participants. The total cost of one 37 marker test is $119 and $249 for an 111 marker test.. However, any amount is welcome.

Remember, if you are uncomfortable using any of these method, you can contact the project administrator and make a donation the old fashion way via check through the mail.

Thank You.

To make a donation now - click on this link : http://www.familytreedna.com/contribution.html

Note: The administrator does not handle any money. All funds go through Family Tree DNA.