Christopher Davenport  -- Kit # 44798

Altona Line

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Possible Davenport of Wheltrough from Swettenham parish - same parish as Lower Withington.

Christopher's Davenport line:


Abraham Davenport


Mary Simms

b. 1714 in England 


b. 1824 in Prince Georges County, Maryland

d. 1789 at Summit Point, Virginia   (now West Virginia) 


d. Abt. 1796 in Jefferson County, Virginia (now West Virginia)


Anthony Simms Davenport 


Mary Bazzill or Basil

b. 1757 in Piscataway, Maryland  


 b. ?  

d. 1835 in Pickaway County, Ohio 


d. 1821 in Ross County, Ohio


Ira Davenport 


Nancy Henderson 

b. 1797 in Berkeley County, Virginia   (now West Virginia)


b. 1803 in Ohio


d. 1862 in Jacksonville, Illinois  


d. 1835 in Jacksonville, Illinois  


Bazzill Davenport 


Mary Elizabeth Metcalf

b. 1832 in Jacksonville, Illinois 


b. 1842 in Greene County, Illinois

d. 1900 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


d. 1885 in Jacksonville, Illinois


William Davenport


Emily Andrews Davison

b. 1863 in Jacksonville, Illinois 


b. 1874 in Louisville, Kentucky

d. 1938 at Pemaquid Point, Maine, his summer home 


d. 1962 in Louisville, Kentucky


John Andrews Davenport


Gwendoleyne Mary Leys

b. 1910 in Louisville, Kentucky 


b. 1909 in Colon, Panama

d. 1984 in Louisville, Kentucky 


d. 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky


Abraham Davenport, progenitor of the American Altona Davenports, was born in England in 1714.  His parents and forebears are unknown.  He emigrated to Maryland some time after 1735 and settled in St. Mary’s County.  He married Mary Simms about 1745 and had 11 children -- Elizabeth, Stephen, Abraham, John, Marmaduke, Anthony, Adrian, Mary, Samuel, Catherine and Nancy.  During the Revolutionary War Abraham and his family moved to a farm in what is now Jefferson County, West Virginia.  Today the farm is called Altona Farm, and some of his descendants still reside there.

No connection has ever been established between the Altona Davenports and any other line of Davenports.  The DNA Haplogroup of the male descendants of Abraham is I1a which indicates that they -- and Abraham -- go back patrilineally to the Saxons who invaded and settled in Britain in the sixth century A.D.

More information about Abraham Davenport can be found in The Genealogy of the Davenport Family written by Henry Bedinger Davenport and privately published in 1947.