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The Tidewater Davenports were those Davenports who settled in the Peninsula or Neck between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers in the 1650s. They paid for their own passages, i.e., claimed no headrights, and were sufficiently wealthy to buy already patented land, i.e., they did no surveys, were not involved in the patent process. They were clearly of higher social status than the Pamunkeys, were planters and artisans of substance from the beginning, were involved with both Government and the Church. The given name Fortunatus was unique to the Tidewaters, and the first and most notable Birkett Davenport (of Culpeper County) was a Tidewater. Prior to the Revolution, these Davenports located close to Atlantic waters, were to be found in counties affected by tides, hence the label "Tidewater." Most of the early records of these Davenports have survived, need to be compiled and organized.
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